Kanade AmakusaEdit

Yuragi's childhood friend. She doesn't mind showing her sibling-like affections for Kanade around other people, even though they're just childhood friends with a year apart from each other. When Kanade, Furano, and Ouka are in need of finding one more person for the upcoming competition between the Reject Five and Popular Five, she is willing to help out, only to be denied by Kanade. After Kanade reconsiders his decision, she hugs him as a form of gratitude.


They are shown to be on friendly terms with one another. Yuragi first met Chocolat when she was introduced to her through Kanade, right after she just transferred to Seikou Private School, and met with Kanade by coincidence. Even though it is their first meeting each other, Yuragi starts calling Chocolat as "Chocolat onee-chan", but Chocolat doesn't seem to mind being called "onee-chan".

Furano YukihiraEdit

Yuragi first met Furano when she was first introduced to her through Kanade.

Ouka YuuoujiEdit

Yuragi first met Ouka when she was first introduced to her through Kanade.

Ayame ReikadouEdit

Souga ShishimoriEdit