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Ayame Reikadou

Ayame full body

Kanji 麗華堂 絢女
Romaji Reikadou Ayame
Vital Statics
Age 17
Birthday September 24
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Height 162 cm
Personal Status
Class Class 2-10
Occupation Student
Light Novel Debut Volume 02
Anime Debut Episode 05
Seiyu/Voice Actor Rei Matsuzaki

Ayame Reikadou (麗華堂 絢女 Reikadou Ayame?) is one of the people in the group, "Popular Five" and is 4th popular person.



Ayame has blonde hair with ringlets and two long hair bangs at the side of her face. She has a small deep red hat with a bow on the right side of her head. She has a large bust which is a key figure in her reputation and later revealed to be silicone by Kanade Amakusa (by accident) and Furano Yukihira. She also have amber eyes and so far, she has only wore the standard girl's uniform.


Ayame has a cold and haughty attitude, similar to a "tsundere" type character, but actually more towards the dominant side. Due to this reason, she earned the fourth place in the popularity ranking because of her popularity among masochistic high school boys.

While she shows an arrogant attitude, she possesses a fragile side as she doesn't like people pointing her fake breasts out of fear of being ostracized by her schoolmates.


She first appeared in the student council room during the gathering among the Popular Five and the Reject Five, to have a discussion about the upcoming competition between the two factions. During the meeting, Ayame and Furano got into an argument in which stems from her calling Furano a flat chested girl.

As Seira was about to call it a day, the "Absolute Choices" appeared before Kanade and forces him to choose the first choice; which is facing up to all of the girls and say that he's going to make them say they like him. Due to this, Ayame quickly declines his request the moment he met with her. But, with "Absolute Choice" help which in turn reveals her secret, she drags him into the locker room where she questions on how he knew this as he tells her he'll keep the secret but if she does what she says. Thinking he meant giving herself to him, she starts undressing as he stops her and quickly says just to say she likes him which will in turn save her secret. She eventually says that she likes him while being embarrassed.

During the competition between the two factions, Furano became her opponent. They competed in a nickname battle which contains some insults towards both sides. Near the end, Ayame's secret was exposed to Furano but, she eventually wins the competition by coming up with the most suitable nickname for her at that time.

After the second popularity vote in Volume 7, her ranking as the fifth most popular female was taken by Satsuki Himajiri.


  • Reikadou is ranked #4 in the popularity ratings (#5 for most popular female).
  • The reason for Ayame's attitude was because she has a childhood friend who likes "tsundere" characters, so she sets out to act like a "tsundere" for her childhood friend. 
  • Reikadou's breasts are actually enlarged by plastic surgery.